Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The recent economic recession has caused great panic and loses of life due to wrong investment concept. It is noted that some people in the world are imitator and follower, not minding the fact that they can only be second best, and in terms of investment, what worked for persons A and B will not work for person C. A wise investor must always learn not to follow the crowd at all times, he or she must learn to be creative, and also learn how to make your money work for you, that person must also learn how to develop ideas and be informed always. The worst that can happen to an investor is allowing other people to harness your wealth (money), whereby making them rich without you getting much or at most times not getting the right value for your money without you knowing it. Why keep all you money in a fix deposit and acquire penny in returns (6% to 10%) over a year period, when you can put your money on investment that will yield much more for you in returns.

The real estate or property investment is such reliable investment, where you can yield about 50% to 100% in returns and even much more in just 3 to 8 months. The real estate world is very large and very much open to a wide range of investor, it is a world waiting to be harnessed in full; it’s a few in the world that understand the concept and know how it works. It is a world that allows you to be a multiple landlord and in doing so make a lot of money form it, where you can have property world wide. The global economic meltdown has crippled so many people and investment that put all their hope in the capital market (shares, stock,….etc), not knowing the secret of the capital market and not having a vibrant stock broker that understand and reads and predicts the stock market for them. At most times your lose is unimaginable, for example having put 10 million (naira, dollars,…etc) in shares and have a yearly dividend of 3% to 5% if lucky, most times like this recent global economic meltdown you experience a large lose, where you are valued at 10 million (naira, dollars,….etc) and now reduced to 4 to 5 million (naira, dollars, ….etc) due to the meltdown. It is not advisable to put all your eggs in one basket. A wise rich man will always look for ways to be richer. With information like this article and more to come, allows you to harness your money to the greatest.

It is stated that, if well informed you will lead and make wealth. They is a saying that, A MAN THAT IS NOT INFORMED IS DEFORMED. You asked how can a person be a multiple landlord, you can acquire this by investing in the real estate business, where you have a good investment adviser like CIJOICE INTERNATIONAL, who are leaders in property and investment adviser in the country and around the world, where you can invest your money to acquire a building or land to let or lease and make money from that property as the case may be, with the way price of house or property for let or lease are at increase in variations, one can invest a little to acquire it ,and put it on let or lease for a minimum of 3 months to several years, the good thing is that, not only are you getting paid for the property for the period spent for let or lease, the same property value in the same period spent would have increased in double as the case may be due to development. For instance, a property was bought around satellite (Lagos Nigeria) area along a commercial road by an investor (speculator) for just N3 million in the first quarter of 2008, and by the end of the third quarter of that same year (2008) the speculator was offered N 4.5 million but turned down the offer and was offered N16million for the property (land) in the second month (February) of 2016. Another property was bought around Amuwo-odofin area of mile 2, apple junction area (Lagos Nigeria) for N 25 million in the first quarter of 2008, by the end of the second quarter of the same year (2008), the investor was offered N 50 million but turned down the offer, now he is offering half of the property (land) for N 80 million at the third month (march) of the year 2016, and got a respond for N 70 million (just half) which he sold. Properties in some estate in satellite and around were sold for between N6 million to N7 million (a 3 to 4 bedroom bungalow) early 2008, were going for between N15million to N20 million at the end of the same year 2016. The concept of buying or acquiring properties and putting them for let or lease and till get paid for the number of months or years (period) spent, and till get greater value then your initial value spent in acquiring the properties is a great concept and needs to be harness in other to gain financial liberation (freedom). Also this principle of buying and selling of properties would keep an individual or organization afloat and even wealthier mainly through dependable, season professional and result-oriented property experts, and CIJOICE INTERNATIONAL happens to portray this image at this time.

The way properties all over the world for let or lease are inflating, it pains me to see people who are financial gifted (free) to be in bondage and not know it. They are some people not until they have met me, are still not financially liberated. How can you have money to be your landlord and still stay (leave) in another man’s house? At most times the rent for the apartment or property is very high and you still pay for it, just because you are capable, for instance, they are some people in the country that are paying for a rented apartment for as high as N1.2 million and above (for a 4 or 5 bedroom duplex) per year, it is very outreachous, or pay for an apartment for N5 to N9 hundred thousand (for a 3 to 4 bedroom flat) per year, when you can purchase a plot of land in some area of Lagos or other part of the country for as cheap as N4 hundred thousand to N2 million or even more as your level can carry, in no time you can get a building or property of your choice. We at CIJOICE INTERNATIONAL are good investment valuer, planners and advisers.

In this country (Nigeria), it is stated or noted that anything that goes up never comes down except by divine intervention, this can also be implied on property investment, i.e., a property bought at a point in time, say last year or previous years, can never be sold or valued at the same amount this year or years to come, the difference in most cases are mouth watering and inviting. The real estate world is a world too big to accommodate everybody. It is a world that allows you to be free from financial or global meltdown or devalue of one’s value. The question now is, WHY WAIT TO BUY LAND, WHEN YOU CAN BUY LAND AND WAIT, same goes to HOUSE (BUILDING). Some people still have the problem of not been capable of predicting and imagining a brighter and developed future in an area not even formed. For you to be very successful in life, you must have the ability to take risk, and most important in this case, the risk is to your benefit. For example, some part of satellite town were very swampy and not developed 10 to 15 years ago (some area are till not yet developed) and land were sold for N100,000 to N500,000. But now, this same property are valued and sold for N4 million to N18 million, this varies in area. It took men with vision and for-sight to know that, this particular area will definitely change, likewise some area in LEKKI, OKOKOMAIKO, BADAGRY, KETU, AGBARA, IKEJA, IKOYI….. Etc. now the question is; ARE YOU READY TO BE YOUR OWN LANDLORD? If YES, take a bold step and invest for your future. CIJOICE INTERNATIONAL is there to help and lead you all the way.


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